Campaign Result Overview in TLMS

Campaign Result Overview in TLMS

Welcome to the Campaign Results Overview section in Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS). This guide is designed to help you navigate and utilize this feature effectively to evaluate the impact of your training campaigns. The Campaign Results Overview consists of several major sections that provide detailed insights into the performance of your campaigns.

Major Sections of the Campaign Result Overview

Email Metrics

The Email Metrics section provides a summary of the email-related performance of your campaign. This includes the following key metrics:
  • Email Sent: The total number of emails sent as part of the campaign.
  • Email Opened: The number of emails that have been opened by recipients.
  • Link Clicked: The count of clicks on links included in the campaign content.
These metrics help you understand the engagement level of your audience with your campaign.


The Summary section gives an overview of the campaign details, including:
  • Campaign Name: The name given to the campaign.
  • Created Date: The date when the campaign was created.
  • Total Users: The total number of users targeted by the campaign.
  • Number of Groups: The number of groups involved in the campaign.
  • Status: The current status of the campaign (e.g., ongoing, completed).
  • Courses: The courses included in the campaign.
  • Group Name: The names of the groups targeted in the campaign.
This summary provides a quick snapshot of the campaign's.

Course Analytics

The Course Analytics section offers detailed information about the courses included in the campaign. This includes:
  • Total Courses: The total number of courses being run as part of the campaign.
  • Total Learners: The total number of learners enrolled in these courses.
  • Learners Who Passed: The number of learners who have completed and passed the courses.
  • Non-started Learners: The number of learners who have not yet started the courses.
  • In-progress Learners: The number of learners currently in progress with the courses.
  • Overall Course Completion Percentage: The overall percentage of course completion across all learners.
This section helps you assess the effectiveness of the course content and the engagement level of the learners.

The Campaign Results Overview in TLMS is a powerful tool for assessing the impact of your training campaigns and driving continuous improvement in organizational learning outcomes. By utilizing its features and functionalities, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize training content and delivery, and achieve greater success in your training initiatives.
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