Creating Newsletters in TLMS

Creating Newsletters in TLMS

Newsletters are valuable tools for disseminating information, updates, and announcements to your audience in a structured and engaging format. In TLMS, you can create custom newsletters to keep your learners informed and engaged. Here's how to do it:

Access Creatives Section

From the TLMS dashboard, find and click on the "Creatives" option in the left-hand menu to access the Creatives section.

Select Create Creative

Look for the option to create a new creative which will be labeled as "Create Creative"

Choose Newsletters

From the list of creative types, select "Newsletters".

Enter Basic Information

Provide basic information like Title, Subject, Category, Topic and Style.

Provide  the Content Type

Provide the content either as an Image or in HTML/Text format.

If Image then you need to provide the header and footer content, choose the alignment and provide the Footer content and then click on Save.

If the content type is HTML/Text then you need to provide the HTML code for the Infographic and then click on Save to get the Infographic create. You can also test the Infographic by clicking on the Test Email option.

Creating newsletters in TLMS is an effective way to keep your learners informed, engaged, and connected. By following these steps and leveraging the design tools available in TLMS, you can create visually appealing newsletters that effectively convey your message and enhance communication with your audience.

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