How to create a Campaign

How to create a Campaign

Creating a campaign in TLMS is a straightforward process that allows administrators to efficiently organize and deploy training initiatives tailored to their organization's needs. Follow these steps to create a campaign in TLMS:

Locate the "Campaigns" section in the TLMS dashboard navigation menu on the left. Click on it to access the campaign management interface.

Initiate a New Campaign

Once in the Campaigns section, look for an option to "Create Campaign". Click on it to begin creating your campaign.

Decide Campaign Type

Before proceeding further, you need to decide the type of campaign you plan to run. TLMS offers three primary campaign types:

  1. Course: Choose this option if your campaign primarily focuses on delivering structured learning content, such as courses or modules. Courses are ideal for in-depth training on specific topics or skills, providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.
  1. Quiz: Opt for a quiz-based campaign if your objective is to assess learners' knowledge or understanding of a particular topic. Quizzes can be used to reinforce learning, identify areas for improvement, and measure overall proficiency.
  1. Creative: Select the creative campaign type if you intend to engage learners with interactive and visually appealing content such as infographics, presentations, or documents. Creatives can complement traditional training materials and enhance learner engagement through dynamic multimedia experiences

Define Campaign Details

Provide essential details for your campaign, including:
  • Campaign Name: Choose a descriptive name that clearly identifies the purpose or topic of the campaign.

  • Training Content Selection: Select the course(s) to be included in the campaign. Choose from the available courses in the TLMS library that align with the objectives of your training initiative.

  • Group Selection: Specify the target audience or groups of learners who will participate in the campaign. You can select predefined groups based on roles, departments, or custom criteria.

  • Distinct Users or All Users: Decide whether the campaign will be run on distinct users or all users. Selecting distinct users allows you to target specific individuals, while choosing all users will include all eligible learners in the campaign.

  • Campaign Configuration: Define the expiration date of the campaign by specifying the end date. This ensures that the campaign is active within a defined timeframe and provides a sense of urgency for learners to complete the training.

Launch Campaign

Before launching the campaign, review all settings and content selections to ensure everything is accurate and aligned with your objectives. Make any necessary adjustments as needed. Once you are satisfied with the campaign setup, click the "Send Now" or "Schedule" button to activate the campaign. It will now be available to the designated learners according to the specified start date. The "Schedule" button gives the option to launch the campaign at a later date.

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