TLMS Campaigns Section: A User Guide

TLMS Campaigns Section: A User Guide

Welcome to the Campaigns section within Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS). This guide aims to assist you in navigating this section effectively to manage and monitor your training campaigns. Let's delve into the sub-sections and the insights they provide:

All Campaigns:

  1. Overview: This section presents details of all campaigns conducted within TLMS, regardless of content type.
  2. Metrics: Track Email Sent, Email Opened, and Link Clicked metrics to assess campaign performance.
  3. Status: Monitor campaign status, whether ongoing or completed, for real-time management.


  1. Focused Campaigns: Explore campaigns specifically utilizing courses as part of the training content.
  2. Performance Metrics: Assess Email Sent, Email Opened, and Link Clicked metrics to evaluate course-driven campaigns.
  3. Status Updates: Stay informed about campaign status, whether ongoing or completed, to manage training initiatives effectively.


  1. Creative Integration: Gain insights into campaigns incorporating creative assets like posters, infographics, or newsletters.
  2. Engagement Metrics: Monitor Email Sent and Email Opened metrics to gauge learner engagement.
  3. Status Tracking: Keep track of campaign status, whether ongoing or completed, to ensure effective creative-driven training.


  1. Assessment Campaigns: Explore campaigns integrating quizzes as assessment tools.
  2. Interaction Insights: Analyze Email Sent, Email Opened, and Link Clicked metrics to understand learner interaction.
  3. Campaign Status: Stay updated on campaign status, whether ongoing or completed, for proactive management.
The Campaigns section in TLMS empowers you with valuable insights to optimize training initiatives and drive performance. By leveraging the metrics and status updates provided in each sub-section, you can make informed decisions, enhance training effectiveness, and achieve organizational learning objectives effectively.

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