We're already using a DMARC solution. Why would we need yours?

We're already using a DMARC solution. Why would we need yours?

In that case, allow us the privelege of doing a POC for 5-7 working days to give you an idea about how KDMARC works.
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    • Which organisation should go for a DMARC solution?

      Any organization that uses email as a communication medium in any capacity should go for a DMARC solution to avoid spoofing of the outbound emails.
    • What if I don't have a DMARC solution ?

      If you don't have a DMARC solution, every email sent from your domain will land in the receiver's inbox regardless of whether it is genuine or spoofed. This can lead to the loss of potential customers and damage your domain's reputation.
    • How Smart DMARC Works?

      KDMARC is an analytical tool that complements the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) by monitoring all three of the standard email authentication protocols namely SPF, DKIM and DMARC. It offers a number of features to secure your email domains ...
    • What solution can DMARC provide?

      It stops spoofing of your email domain and after the DMARC record is configured, no unauthorized source can send an email on your behalf.
    • Can We Setup DMARC Using SPF?

      Yes, you can set up DMARC without DKIM and even if you only have DMARC and SPF setup. In cases where the DKIM check fails, DMARC authentication is dependent on the SPF check and SPF identifier alignment, which works but is not that optimal. DMARC ...