What is Smart DMARC?

What is Smart DMARC?

Implementation and management of SPF, DKIM and DMARC is one common issue faced by all. However, the Smart DMARC feature by KDMARC eliminates the hassle to a greater extent. It makes monitoring and securing domains extremely easy and hassle-free. 

KDMARC provides a Unique CNAME, you will have to update the same in your DNS to start using the Smart DMARC feature. 

Besides that below listed are a couple more added benefits of Smart DMARC:

  • You can manage the DMARC policy of your domain and sub-domain in the Smart DMARC section.

  • You can manage your RUA and RUF reports in the Smart DMARC section. These reports are converted into data on your dashboard

  •  SPF and DKIM policy (strict or relaxed) can also be managed in this section.

If you are just starting out with KDMARC, here is a video that can be of utmost help to you - https://youtu.be/sdC0IhPONtY

Other than that, here is an article that will help you plan and set your DMARC policy - DMARC Policy explanation and what policies should I opt for?

Now if you are having trouble understanding how the feature actually works, refer to this article for a better understanding - How Smart DMARC works?

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